Saturday, January 5, 2019

Album Review: Conversations on Piano by Joseph Nimoh

Joseph Nimoh is a Ghana-born pianist and composer who began playing piano at age 11 in his mother’s church. In addition to having studied piano performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, Nimoh also served as pianist and music director for numerous churches in the New England area.

After having had the pleasure of listening to Nimoh’s latest album entitled Conversations on Piano, it was immediately evident that those inspirational music roots are an integral part of his impressively refined and lovely sound. Comprised of twenty original solo piano compositions spanning almost an hour of simplistic authentic beauty, Conversations on Piano effortlessly weaves elements of jazz, gospel and classical music among its divinely-inspired compositions.

“Anything for You” serves as a beautiful opener with its moderately-paced melody gently played in the mid-range. A defining attribute of Nimoh’s music is the warmly personal and down-to-earth vibe that it conveys, which seems to speak directly to the listener’s inner thoughts and feelings. Although dynamic at times with often unpredictable transitions, Nimoh’s compositions never venture into the ornately bombastic, nor do they convey that of a grand stage performance. Rather, one might envision themselves cozily nestled in an upscale piano lounge or relaxing comfortably by the fireplace at home while listening. Likewise, Nimoh possesses a seemingly natural gift for smoothly transitioning among varying moods and tempos – even within the same composition) – and there’s a subtly improvised quality to his melodies, as they typically avoid following along a narrowly predictable path.

Softer pieces like “Morning Dew” perfectly capture the quiet calm of an early morning mist with its sparser notes perfectly placed among thoughtful pauses throughout. In subtle contrast, Nimoh lends a delicate force to “Conversations”, a bold yet tender composition that stands out as one of the album’s most melodically flowing and memorably engaging. Encouraging song titles such as “Don’t Be Discouraged”, “His Plans are Sure”, “Time for Change”, “Searching for Answers” and “I Am With You” aptly reflect a heavenly guidance that’s undeniably infused in Nimoh’s elegant compositions, which seemingly serve as gentle reminders of faith, hope and fortitude.

Beautifully embodying a supernal essence within its intimately personal compositions, Conversations on Piano is a most-fitting companion for prayer, reflection or relaxation, while simultaneously possessing a revitalizing quality that is sure to lift the spirits and pacify the mind! ~Candice Michelle

For more information please visit the artist's website. This album is also available at Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and Google Play.