Monday, December 13, 2021

Album Review: Portraits by Brian Hagen

Review by Marilyn Torres

The newest work by Brian Hagen, his album Portraits, is a collection of all original piano pieces which in one word can be summed up as pretty! That may seem like a plain description, however it is much deeper. The individual pieces are full of beautiful moments that reach out and connect the listener to senses and memories long overlooked.

Beginning with “Iridescence”, a light and airy piece, the mood invites us to exhale and enjoy the moment. “A Time For Love” displays a Manilow-esque sensibility and a feeling of familiarity. “You Are My Everything” and “Forever Love” are beautiful love songs that made me wish I had the gift of lyricism! 

“Regrets” and “The Love We Had, The Love We Lost”, takes the listener into the past, as in looking through a photo album full of life events and snapshots of times shared. In “The Unforgiven”, the journey into the past seems to bring us face to face with the raw and stark realization of failure.

In contrast to the pieces mentioned above, the rest of the album offers comfort and acceptance; for who we are, our flaws, and the beauty of life. Coming full circle with “The Peace Within”, we are again in a light and calm place ready to enjoy the pretty moments of life. 

~Marilyn Torres for Aural Awakenings

For more information please visit Brian Hagen's website.