Monday, December 6, 2021

Album Review: Full Bloom by Nancy Shoop-Wu

Review by Lissette Cascante 

In her second full-length album poignantly titled Full Bloom, classically trained, symphony musician, and award nominated violinist Nancy Shoop-Wu showcases her many talents and versatility as composer, singer-songwriter, arranger, and violinist extraordinaire. Nancy not only embraces her classical background but also her affinity for contemporary melodicism inspired by the beautiful surroundings of her home in the Hawaiian Islands. “Full Bloom came out of a time of personal expansion and growth for me. The songs are a reflection of my inner journey over these past few years, and they are songs of beauty, freedom, dreams and hope” shares Nancy. The result is a beautiful symphonia of ethereal, dreamy melodies that convey serenity and contentment throughout. The title track opens the album with a nice, laid-back blend of vocals, violin, percussion, piano and violin.

Other tracks such as "Night Rainbow", "Flying Away", "Olinda Winds" and "Golden Leaves" feature uplifting and playful, flowing piano and violin tunes that beckon the listener to explore the sense of wonder, gratitude and anticipation of new days, seasons, and possibilities.

More serene, evocative melodies evolve in tracks such as "Dreams" and "Serenade" as a gentle piano and violin engage in peaceful, musical dialogue.

In "Beautiful", Nancy offers up a deeply moving expression of love for her mother who passed away in April 2021 with a gorgeous, melodiously tender composition for piano and violin.

"Angel Above Me" features Nancy’s beautiful voice expressing the lyrics she penned as her violin artfully conveys a faith and hope beyond the physical realm.

All songs on the album were composed and arranged by Nancy Shoop-Wu and feature not only herself as a violin and vocal soloist, but she also shares the stage with Derek Nakamoto on piano and Cello (Qiele) Guo on Cello, while Aidan Carroll contributes on Bass; Mitchell Long on Guitars, and Peter Korpela adds Congas and Percussion. 

Full Bloom is a beautiful symphonia of ethereal, dreamy melodies that convey serenity and contentment.

~Lissette Cascante for Aural Awakenings 

For more information, please visit Nancy Shoop-Wu's website. Full Bloom is also available at Amazon, Apple Music and more.