Friday, June 17, 2016

Spotlight: From the Depths by David Clavijo

From the Depths is the follow-up recording to The Landing by composer and multi-instrumentalist David Clavijo, who was born in Andalusia, Spain. Inspired by a trip to the nearby Balaeric island of Ibiza, which is renowned for its distinctive brand of chillout and electronic music, David’s influences also include artists such as Mike Oldfield, Enigma, Vangelis, Brian Eno and Jean Michel Jarre.

The album begins with the title piece, “From the depths”, which is led by melodic piano and flute amidst tribal and electronic percussion. The composition is soon joined by soaring electric guitar, followed by a serene pause with indiscernible spoken word towards the middle of the piece, before picking up pace again. The world-chill vibe of this track is carried into “When We Were Together”, a piece characterized by piano and Spanish guitar that possesses a sunny, breezy Mediterranean flair. “Fly with Me” follows in the same vein with a diverse array of alternating piano, flute, strings and electric guitar amidst gentle percussion and tinkling bells. Native flutes and chants adorn “The Song of Wisdom”, whereas “Fragile World” is a more Celtic-laced offering featuring the vocals of Laura Powers. Gregorian chants lend a sacred mystique to “Sanctus Dominus”, an Enigma-inspired track complete with shakuhachi flute and electric guitar. A Balearic feel permeates “Sitting on the Seawall”, which is easily my favorite track on the album. This definitively sensual number offers touches of smooth jazz with saxophone courtesy of Premik Russell Tubbs, and the additional delights of both classical and electric guitar. The ethereal vocals of Charlee Brooks grace “The Journey”, a whimsical piece that conveys a feeling of flight and fantasy, as she sings a lyrically indecipherable yet phonetically lovely tune. Chad Lawson lends his piano to “Où est mon Bonheur?”, a more contemplative piece with a classical touch that additionally features cello. The voice of Charlee Brooks returns for “Out of the Depths”, an alternate version of the opening track with English-sung lyrics. Closing out the album is “Fragile World (Bonus Track)”, once again showcasing Chad Lawson on piano, as he’s joined by singer Rosa Rosa Cedrón. This time we are presented with an entire reworking of the original piece, absent of rhythm and with lyrics sung in Spanish.

From the Depths is quite simply a spectacular album, boasting an impressive display throughout of various cultural overtones, which are beautifully conveyed by its flawless fusion of electronic, acoustic and ethnic instruments. As his sophomore release, the six years that have lapsed since David’s debut album have proven worth the wait, as the added layer of depth and maturity contained within these compositions have taken his music to a whole new level of remarkable accomplishment. With a title that couldn’t be more fitting, From the Depths is sure to appeal to listeners who enjoy many musical styles, and is a particularly essential album for fans of Mike Oldfield, Enigma and Ibiza chillout music. ~Candice Michelle

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This review was originally published on Journeyscapes Radio on 06/17/16.