Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Overview: One World by Michael Stribling

Michael Stribling is a multi-instrumentalist and composer best-known for creating relaxing synthesizer-based music. Although having originally released an album titled Journey Within in 1989, he’s been predominantly active as a recording artist since 2006. In what is arguably Stribling's most ambitious work to date, One World draws its inspiration from various cultural themes and traditions spanning around the globe. Although painting from his familiar sound palette, Stribling brushes in his compositions with many hues of world music; the overall outcome being enjoyably reminiscent of what one might hear at a theme park. Showcasing song titles like “A Gathering of the Elders”, “Buddhist Nursery” and “Persian Night Caravan”, many earthly destinations are visited throughout, with soundscapes ranging from dynamic and tribal-esque to pacifying and Zen-like. Beautifully concluding with a contemplative offering, “Benediction (Prayer for World Peace)” brings us back to the point of origin by riding in on a peaceful cloud of aerial tones and lulling piano chords! ~Candice Michelle

For more information please visit the artist's website.