Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Spotlight: Dare to Dream by Unleashed Dreams

Unleashed Dreams is a recording duo comprised of Lindsey Gaye Walker and Sean Michael Paddison. On their debut album, Dare to Dream, the duo artfully weave new age, neo-classical and adult contemporary musical styles with lyrical messages of hope, encouragement and inspiration among 12 compositions spanning 52 minutes. Not surprisingly, Lindsey is a transformational life coach in addition to singer-songwriter who provides lead and background vocals on the album, while Sean is a composer, producer and instrumentalist who lends ad-lib and background vocals throughout. A handful of guest artists are featured on varying compositions, of whom provide additional ad-lib and background vocals, as well as instruments such as violin, viola and guitar.

“Deep” opens the album somewhat reverently with harp strings and heavenly vocalizations. Additional classical elements soon enter the piece, as Lindsey sings a lullaby-like tune that’s perfectly suited to her gentle, ethereal voice. Picking up the pace with the next piece is the brightly optimistic, “Dare to Dream Again”, which adheres to a more adult contemporary musical formula. Here, the duo sings a harmoniously soulful melody of affirmatively positive lyrics, which contain such phrases as “believe and let go” and “leave your troubles behind”. The ensuing “Resonance” follows in a similar vein with added tabla drums and a subtle safari/tropical feel throughout. This spirit-soaring composition would be well-suited to a live performance, as some of Yanni’s more dynamically-driven music comes to mind with its flowing piano and chorus of “oohs” and ahhas”. Additionally, guest musician Ian Crighton lends electric guitar to the piece, as the duo sing affirming and motivational lyrics inspired by the Law of Attraction philosophy. The enchantingly calmer “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” ensues with strings, chimes and vocals in a style that reminds me of the popular new age musical duo Secret Garden. Further into the piece, a waltzing harpsichord a la Enya likewise accompanies the arrangement, as Lindsey seemingly sings a fairytale from a magical storybook. My favorite piece on the album is “Trust (and let go)”, on which Lindsey alternates a spoken word melody with a lusciously catchy chorus over classical instrumentation, layered ethereal vocals and a moderately-paced pop rhythm. “A Journey Within (Instrumental)” is another personal favorite, which opens with softly solemn and reverent choir vocalizations that remind me a bit of the introduction to Loreena McKennit’s “Dante’s Prayer”, before beautifully unfolding into a lulling piece of classical strings and trinket bells.

Ranging from gentle lullabies to motivational “inner power” ballads, Dare to Dream will likely appeal to many fans of prominent “new age” recording artists such as 2002, Secret Garden and Yanni, as well as those who enjoy inspirational adult contemporary and vocal-pop music! ~Candice Michelle

For more information please visit the artist's website. This album can also be purchased at CD Baby.