Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Spotlight: Whispers from Silence by Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer

Whispers from Silence is the collaborative project of multi-instrumentalist Tom Moore and international flutist Sherry Finzer. Comprised of eight compositions spanning just over an hour, the duo blend synthesizers with wind instruments to create a deeply immersive and meditative soundscape that feels ancient, sacred and enchantingly exotic, with subtle earthy rhythms underscoring several of the pieces.

“Awakening Breath” opens with the toll of a Tibetan bell followed by an exotic flute solo, evoking a spirit of reverence and solitude that sets the mood for a serenely soulful and mystical journey. “Towards the One” follows next with an opening chorus of crickets and nocturnal sounds, before transitioning into an enveloping and warmly-lit soundscape of flute, sitar and synthesizers that are soon accompanied by a flowing organic rhythm. It’s one of my favorite compositions on the album, bringing to mind images of a sacred sensual dance being performed amidst an enthralling haze of candlelight and incense smoke. “Infinite Space” is another gorgeous piece that invokes a blissful and dreamlike state, as breezy flute ethereally floats among a bed of gossamer chords like clouds passing slowly across the sky. Also particularly noteworthy is the beautifully hypnotic closing piece, “An Ancient Presence”, which effectively conveys the notion of standing in the presence of an ancient sacred temple. Here, droning chords merge with deep vocal intonations before introducing a mesmerizing flute melody, as earthy percussion subtly guides the piece along in a meditative mode that seems to fuse an eastern mystical vibe with a Native American essence.

Deeply entrancing from beginning to end, Whispers of Silence is an impeccably outstanding album of perfectly executed artistic vision as well as utmost professionalism. Grounding, earth-centered, and ceremonial in nature, its compositions beckon the listener to step into a sacred space that allows the mind and spirit to feel unrestrained by time or geographical location. Easily one of the best albums of its kind to emerge in recent memory, Whispers from Silence is especially and enthusiastically recommended for yoga, meditation and shamanic journeying! ~Candice Michelle

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This review was originally published on Journeyscapes Radio on 10/05/16.