Saturday, October 29, 2022

Album Review: Always by Dan Chadburn

Review by Lissette Cascante 

A native of Oregon, professional musician and performer Dan Chadburn is a seasoned pianist, composer, arranger, and singer/songwriter with an extensive repertoire. Dan obtained a master’s degree in music in electro-acoustic composition at City University in London and has established himself as pianist extraordinaire, becoming a favourite in the new age/contemporary instrumental/solo piano genre. Additionally, his music and albums have received multiple awards and nominations. Past performance venues have included Carnegie Hall (New York), Symphony Hall (Boston) and The Kennedy Center (Washington, DC).

Dan’s latest album titled Always, released August 1, 2022 and recorded & mastered at Piano Haven Studio, is his ninth album so far in said genre and again he offers the listener a quiet and peaceful respite from the cares of a restless world. In Dan’s own words: “In recording ALWAYS, I wanted to create a collection of pieces for solo piano that celebrates the unfailing resilience of the human spirit, the steadfast courage of the human heart, the eternal existence and mystery of the human soul, and the remarkable, spiritual synchronicity of them all.”

Artistic, classy, and quiet, Dan’s music is infused with qualities of hope, reassurance, and mindful serenity. From the first song and title track “Always” to the last tune “Final Curtain” the album is like a soft pillow providing comfort and rest for a weary traveller, filling any empty spaces with warm tones and happy thoughts of everything that is beautiful in life. The arrangements are light and simple and the song titles thought-provoking and poignant. Dan gives us just enough to engage but not overwhelm; a loving, musical offering from a deep part of his soul. Dan composed all songs on the album except for “O Shenandoah”, which by the way he did an exquisite arrangement on this classic and beloved tune. It’s a favorite of mine and I love that he included it.

I enjoyed every tune on the album as I dimmed the lights, closed my eyes, and allowed the piano melodies to guide me into a meaningful and lovely listening experience.

Dan’s music has been deeply inspired by the people and events that shape our world. The profits generated by the sale of several tracks from Dan’s albums are donated to specific charitable organizations dear to his heart.

~Lissette Cascante for Auralscapes 

For more information, please visit Dan Chadburn's website. Always is also available at Amazon, Apple Music and more.