Monday, September 12, 2022

Album Review: Physics of Light by Vicente Avella

Review by Marilyn Torres

Vicente Avella has crafted a deep and sensitive musical homage to light in his latest CD Physics of Light. The compilation, which Avella recorded himself at his home, features pieces to highlight the variables found in light as interpreted from his personal view and experiences. Even so, each piece offers something to the listener that goes beyond the limits of our experiences or perceptions of light.

As I listened to the first two pieces, “Light Particles” and “Radiance,” I imagined black space and suddenly the appearance of dots of light one by one until the light fills the dark. I felt it was a reassuring start to the journey. 

“Where Light and Shadow Meet” is a more subdued and measured piece, as if one were examining the appearance of dark upon the light. In contrast, “Ultraviolet” brings us to a dance-like state with airy keys surrounding the field. Later in the lineup, “Reflection,” gave a similar dance aspect but ending with a surprise, as if the dancer i.e. the reflection, was abruptly stopped.

The minor chords and slightly off key element in “Oscuro,” infused it with an ominous dark (which is the translation for the Spanish title “oscuro”) character and a feeling of impending doom. Such a feeling is also present further down in “Umbra,” as well as another sudden but expectant ending.

A more hopeful and airy quality emerges from “Claro” as each key takes its spot to shine on its own, giving a forward movement and decisive tone to the piece. “Color Spectrum” and “Intermezzo” both have a calm and serene presence with layers of wishful thinking. 

Towards the end of the CD, “Infrared” has a more urgent feel with Avella playing fast and furious towards the climax. “Antumbra” and “Visible Light” complete the collection with respective soft flow and march-like chords indicating change and growth

Avella has beautifully merged his masterful piano skills and genuine affection for his craft with his curiosity about the properties of light and how it behaves, in a way that enriches not only our listening experience but also invites us to follow our inquisitive nature and see where the light leads.    

~Marilyn Torres for Auralscapes 

For more information please visit the artist's website. Physics of Light is also available at AmazonApple Music and more.