Thursday, June 2, 2022

Album Review: Reflection by Lynn Tredeau

Review by Marilyn Torres

The opening track for Lynn Tredeau’s latest solo piano album, Reflection, titled “Tide Pools”, swells with emotion as its repetitive cadence softly rises and levels off into the finale.

The second track, “Someday, Somehow”, along with other pieces like “The Passing of Time” and “The Road to There”, bring a clean and wishful air similar to the effect after a rain shower.

Tracks like “What the Rain Said” and “Washed Away” convey the overall perception of having traveled from the mountain top through woodland and into a waterway, while other pieces such as “Meandering” and “Nomad” are infused with the Erik Satie style as “droplets” of keys trickle down to cover musical ground.

Halfway through listening to the evocative “Dreaming Tree”, I realized it reminded me of the Jan A.P. Kaczmarek’s score for the film Unfaithful, with its melancholy and otherworldly quality. 

“Aspens of Targhee Mountain” pays homage to the album’s main title by offering the listener a slow and reflective melody that is both calm and full of possibility, while “Deep in the Forest” gives the sense of making one’s way through dense foliage at first slowly, but then picking up pace with determination and a steady stride.

The closing track, “Celebration”, paints a picture of happiness and movement with the piano keeping a steady, almost ballerina-step in major keys.

With this project, Tredeau has indeed captured the essence of reflection; reflecting on one's life, reflecting on a journey, or reflecting on what is yet to be discovered. As a prolific artist, she shows us how, in stillness and deep thought there is also forward movement and energy.     

~Marilyn Torres for Auralscapes 

For more information please visit the artist's website. Reflection is also available at Amazon, Bandcamp, and more.