Friday, November 15, 2019

Album Review: Songs Without Words by Gerhard Daum

Gerhard Daum is an acclaimed guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and award-winning film composer whose most recent album, Songs Without Words, deftly defies strict genre categorization. Incorporating stylistic hallmarks of blues, jazz, classical, ambient, progressive rock and soundtrack music, these elements are seamlessly melded together, while his innovative compositions showcase expressive electric guitar melodies accompanied both by electronic and orchestral arrangements.

Featuring twelve songs spanning approximately 41 minutes, Daum keeps his compositions to under the 4-minute mark, as the musical narrative moves through a dynamic range of atmospheres and emotions like the exhilarating score to a TV action or drama series unfolding.

The opening piece, “Berlin Song”, is a moody number that delivers some bluesy guitar, cinematic strings and lush ambient pads set to a downtempo pulse. The sensuously subtle “Talking Softly” soon follows with a mysterious ‘noir lounge’ vibe, which seemingly paints black-and-white images of an old city street thinly veiled in a nighttime fog.

A few tracks later, “Gold Rush” heats up the audio space with a soaring guitar lead, symphonic strings and odd-time signature beats. Once again reverting to Daum’s softer side, “Timeless” ensues with a sultrily sleek arrangement that would render this piece nicely on an eclectic smooth jazz playlist.

Further down the line-up is another personal favorite called “Walking on Clouds”, a piece that slightly recalls Brian Eno’s iconic “Deep Blue Day” with its bluesy ambient soundscape. And finally, “My Foolish Heart” beautifully wraps things up with a winding guitar riff, cinematic strings and moderately paced drums that all bring it to a reminiscing yet celebratory conclusion.

An innovative offering of enjoyably eclectic instrumental music, Songs Without Words is an album without categorization that will appeal to listeners who possess a diverse range of musical taste! ~Candice Michelle

For more information, please visit the artist's website. This album is also available at Amazon, iTunes and other retail and streaming platforms.