Friday, September 6, 2019

Overview: Vision Quest by Bearheart Kokopelli

Bearheart Kokopelli is the solo recording moniker of Native American Award winning flute player Bernhard Mikuskovics and one-half of the instrumental world duo Mikuskovics Baum. Comprised of eleven tranquil soundscapes led by Native-style flute along with gentle acoustic guitar tones by Harald Peterstorfer, Vision Quest musically paints sacred earth and sky scenery spanning from the Great Plains to the American Southwest.

Incorporating subtle elements of jazz and Americana throughout, the supreme highlight of the album is arguably “Walking the Sacred Path” on which a shamanic drumbeat pulses in tandem with hypnotic intonations of throat singing. A deeply entrancing and centering piece, it’s easy to imagine the flute player (or even oneself) on a mountaintop overlooking a rocky canyon, while the accompanying improvised guitar figures seemingly follow the patterns of the wind.

Recommended to any lover of Native American flute music, Vision Quest is a mindfully peaceful yet spontaneously heartfelt album that fosters both a reconnection with nature and relaxation of the mind! ~Candice Michelle

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