Friday, August 16, 2019

Album Review: Dance of Two Souls by Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion is an instrumental duo comprised of guitarist Tom Carleno and violinist Josie Quick who’ve been creating music together for over three decades. Their latest album, Dance of Two Souls, rejoins their respective talents for a listening experience that feels festive, carefree and vibrant. Comprised of thirteen compositions spanning just under an hour, Dance of Two Souls is notably inspired by the couple’s travels throughout Central and South America as well as a couple of overseas locations, with the final result being a musical expedition of instrumental world fusion that's beautifully shaped by various cultures and landscapes. Supporting the duo's acoustic guitars and acoustic/electric violins are Blake Eberhard on acoustic/electric bass, as well as Christian Teele whose diverse range of percussive styles further adds to the colorful intricacy of Perpetual Motion's engaging, terrific performances.

Some highlights include the opening piece, “Sunsplash”, with its tropical flair and free-spirited vibe recalling the couple's trip to Belize. Following next is the vivacious “Diabla” which draws its inspiration from a journey through the mountains of Central America. Aptly-infused with both Spanish and indigenous elements, this adventurous piece showcases Latin guitar, fiery percussion and dynamic violin-playing, perfectly topped-off by the added touch of rainstick further evoking a lush rainforest environment.

The chic and lively “Déjà vu” invites the listener to dine at a French café, while the title piece “Dance of Two Souls” shifts to the dancefloor with its sensuous Bossa Nova rhythm. “Dos Gringos” reflects upon the duo’s lifelong dream of traveling to South America, while “Viaje del Corazón” (“Journey of the Heart”) wades into Caribbean waters as the pair set their sights on Cuba.

Although being of part Central American and Caribbean roots myself, I found my attention most drawn to the mysterious “Where Does the Time Go”, which intriguingly blends both Middle Eastern and Southwest American motifs, thereby fascinatingly linking these geographical locations through imagery and sound.

Elegantly composed and performed as always, Dance of Two Souls delivers a diverting and leisurely listening getaway that is sure to awaken the travel bug! ~Candice Michelle

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