Sunday, June 16, 2019

Overview: Timeless by Mikuskovics Baum

Mikuskovics Baum is an eclectic musical duo comprised of accomplished multi-instrumentalists Bernhard Mikuskovics and Georg Baum. Marking the duo’s ten-year anniversary, their latest album Timeless beautifully intermingles Celtic, Native American and other world elements to create deeply tranquil atmospheres of minimalist ethnic fusion. Incorporating various harps, flutes, sound bowls and other exotic instruments such as the Indian shruti box and Mexican log drum, Mikuskovics Baum’s melodically meditative soundscapes seemingly paint images of idyllic natural environments. One especially gorgeous piece is “Intuition Element”, with its softly cascading layers and hypnotizing overtone-singing effectively evoking a softly-flowing waterfall nestled within a hidden forest. Enthusiastically recommended, Timeless has quickly become a personal favorite which beckons repeated listens! ~Candice Michelle

(This album is available at Amazon and other retail and streaming platforms.)