Saturday, December 1, 2018

Music Submissions

Thank you for your interest in getting your music featured on Auralscapes Radio!

We currently accept submissions from recording artists, record labels and music promoters.


If you would like to submit your music for airplay consideration in of our Mixcloud shows, you may do so via the following:

Please familiarize yourself with our station’s format and general atmosphere of our broadcast before submitting your work. We play a refreshing and relaxing mix of contemporary instrumental, contemporary world and contemporary classical music from across the globe.

You may submit single tracks, extended plays or full-length albums.


Please do not send us streaming-only links since we need the actual files in order to play your music.

We accept digital files in MP3 format at 320 kbps. Although we can convert WAV or M4A files we strongly prefer that you already have your music radio-ready.

Please use a file transfer service when submitting your music.

We recommend,, or for this process.

You're also welcome to provide a redemption code to Bandcamp so that we may download the files from there.

Please do not send files in AIFF or WMA format. We are unable to convert these.

When submitting your files, please make sure all your tracks are properly tagged with the artist and song titles entered in the correct places to help expedite the inclusion process.


We also welcome physical media via snail mail. If you would like to send us your CD, please inquire via email for the physical mailing address and provide a brief description of what you’re submitting.

For all music submissions please send an email to

Airplay is totally free – if your music fits and we like it, we'll play it!