Friday, April 1, 2016

Album Review: Everything In Between by Jeffrey Seeman

Jeffrey Seeman picked up the guitar at the age of eight, having been influenced by a variety of musical styles growing up and playing in a few bands. His album, Everything In Between, was produced by Will Ackerman, co-produced, mixed and mastered by Tom Eaton, and recorded at Imaginary Road studios in Vermont. Jeffrey is joined on this album by a handful of musicians who lend instruments such as cello, violin, viola, saxophone, bass, percussion and Hammond organ to various compositions.

The album opens with one of my favorite pieces, “5 Days Old”, which is guided by Jeff Haynes’ gentle percussion. It has a lush, multi-dimensional guitar sound that’s given added depth by Michael Manring’s bass guitar and Noah Wilding’s wordless ethereal vocals. The mood livens up more on “Acadia Walk”, an upbeat tune with a strumming guitar melody and pronounced twang. The folksier “Michael’s Journey” is another highlight with a slightly Irish bent, led by guitar, a gently galloping rhythm and Charlie Bisharat on violin. Also noteworthy is “Ever Present Always”, a gentler and cozier tune with a homebody feel that features Eugene Friesen on cello. However, the most compelling and interesting track on the album is easily “Southern Night in the Woods”. A multi-faceted piece that begins with hushed nature sounds and guitar echo, its use of overdubs, slide guitar and bass all serve to create an enthralling surround-sound experience. Premik Russell Tubbs contributes his lively saxophone to a few of the compositions, including “Let’s Go” and the closing piece, “Point Well Taken”.

Everything In Between is an overall dynamic and straightforward album, yet incorporates many subtle details and intricacies throughout. The natural, woodsy atmosphere compliments the live-sounding approach to Jeffrey’s guitar-playing, conveying a warmly personable touch. Enthusiasts of both acoustic guitar and Americana-flavored music should especially take note of this recording, who will likely appreciate its down-to-earth geniality. ~Candice Michelle

For more information please visit the artist's website. This album is also available at Amazon and iTunes.

Review originally published on Journeyscapes Radio on 04/01/16.