Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Overview: Still the River Flows by David M. Edwards

Still the River Flows is the third album and first solo piano release by composer David M. Edwards. Comprised of fourteen compositions totaling just over an hour, Still the River Flows exudes both a cheerful optimism and tender reflection, as Edwards seemingly muses upon personal life experiences in parallel with nature’s vistas, and cycles of day and night. Naturally, his compositions subtly shift from softly serene passages like “On A Cloudy Day” and “Evening Song”, to more brightly brisk tunes such as “Summer Dance” and “Take Me with You”. Overall elegantly simple and straight from the heart (a concept that is perhaps best-captured on the piece “Just a Simple Song”) Still the River Flows is an especially appropriate album to put on in the morning to gently elevate the soul and illuminate the start of a new day! ~Candice Michelle

(This album is available at Amazon and other retail and streaming platforms.)