Monday, July 11, 2016

Album Review: Skipping on Daisies by Christopher Boscole

Skipping on Daisies
is the tenth release from versatile pianist and composer Christopher Boscole. Comprised of fourteen compositions spanning seventy-six minutes, the album’s musical essence is perfectly captured by its accompanying brightly colored artwork, which depicts a field of daises beneath a radiant sun and deep blue sky.

The whimsical-natured title track opens in a high register, dancing about melodically and gracefully. Conveying a warmth and joy throughout, it’s like pulling back the curtains first thing upon waking and letting in the morning sunlight. This positively peaceful mood continues into “Suite Wonder”, a gentler piece imbued with a sense of romance that touches upon cherished memories, and eventually finds its counterpart, “Wonder Suite”, further along the album. “Three Fairies” is a sweetly buoyant composition that easily paints a picture of an enchanted garden or magical world of childlike wonder and innocence. Subtly switching melodies about a third of the way through, it soon reverts back to its initial stanza, as it moves through the high and low registers of the piano. One particular highlight is “Variation on Chopin Nocturne”, a slower-paced number of a more classical fare that beckons a moment of pause to reflect and unwind. The rich and enveloping “Universe” is easily my favorite piece on the album and certainly the most intriguing. Sparse piano notes glide upon a constant flow of cascading keys like that of a bubbling brook, while radiating a constant stream of varying colors throughout. Perfectly timed at over seven minutes, the notably classical signature begets a perfectly understated yet riveting composition. “Raindrops in A Minor” is another favorite piece that seems to perfectly capture the beautiful mystique of a light rain-shower in the sunshine. Casting a welcomed bit of shadow, this lovely composition moves captivatingly through the registers with such grace, ease and fluidity. Next to the last track is “Celestial Sailing”, another favorite that moves along in a similar vein as “Universe”. Imbued with a heavenly aura, it feels like drifting away on a cloud while viewing a harmonious and paradisal world below. Likewise clocking in at over seven minutes, I especially appreciate when Christopher slips into this mode. “Be Happy” is the album’s final piece and gently imparts its simple message of hope and optimism. Graced with sentimentality, this soulfully elevating tune leaves the listener with an overall feeling of peace and renewal.

Possessing a piano-playing style that is impeccably flowing and radiant, I’m simply amazed by the seemingly effortless output of Christopher Boscole’s own two hands! Additionally, perhaps it’s no coincidence that daisies are long-held symbols of childhood, innocence and purity, as the title of this album couldn’t be more fitting, nor the music more exemplary of these themes. Exuding throughout a heart-warming comfort and joy, Skipping on Daisies is not to be missed by fans of positively uplifting neoclassical and solo piano music. ~Candice Michelle

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This review was originally published on Journeyscapes Radio on 07/11/16.