Thursday, June 3, 2021

New Release: Revelation by Kelly Andrew

Review by Lissette Cascante

Acclaimed composer and recording artist Kelly Andrew has received world-wide recognition and prestigious awards for his numerous compositions in various genres and styles ranging from EDM, world, pop, jazz, contemporary instrumental, to epic orchestral music for TV and Film movie trailers. It is obvious that Andrew enjoys influencing listeners around the world with his musical creations. His previous 5 albums Olympus, Reflections, Epoch Dawn, Journey, and Rendezvous showcased his musicianship and elicited rave reviews from listeners of many backgrounds.

With great anticipation I awaited the release of his new album Revelation which was several years in the making. The album release was worth the wait as the music captivated and engaged me from the start. For me, the listening experience took me to worlds within our world.

Revelation is like watching a movie, except in this movie you get to be the star. It is an expedition of the senses and the soul to a place or places you imagine, with the composer, Andrew, as our guide and director. The purpose of the journey is unique to each individual.

“Revelation” opens slowly, as if preparing the listener for the story that is about to unfold; building intensity as the listener’s journey begins. Symphonic orchestrations and strong vocals throughout allow the listener to create their own experience. The clever song titles reveal clues of what we might encounter along the way. The third track “Spark of Life” offers a fantasy-like scene infused with dramatic sequences while the fourth track exudes compassion for “Humanity” and all its complexities. A flute comes in unexpectedly, drums and percussion convey a sense of wonder and discovery as indigenous sounds and vocals interspersed serve to bring our picture into focus.

Dramatic and suspenseful scenes unfold in tracks like “Escape”, “Manifesto”, “Material Sons”, “Sage of Salem”, and "Rebellion" with its defiant electronic infused sounds, conjure up images of dangerous encounters, battles for survival, enduring hardships, strange lands, friendship and larger than life beings.

“Onagar”, with its beautiful introduction, has an almost ambient-like, world sensation. Native flute and drums transport us to faraway lands, as we trace the footsteps of past civilizations. While “Arrival” implied for me a sort of cave-like environment with its mysterious echoes and vibrations which lead to a more aggressive and excited crescendo of wind and stringed instruments, powerful drums, and a dramatic, “cliffhanger” ending.

Flute, harp, cello, quiet strings, and soft waltz rhythms in "Days of Van", invite us to rest after the battle, and regain our strength. As we continue our solitary sojourn we discover “The Garden”; an exquisite blend of vocals and orchestral instruments creates a magical moment where light and hope meet and kiss.

“Regret” begins with a haunting, sprinting piano melody which builds up powerfully with choirs and strings. High-pitched vocals convey inner torment with strings and drums supporting the emotions giving way to ultimate surrender. “Veil of Tears” is a short but sad, slow piano melody, enhanced by beautiful string arrangements as symbolic piano “tears” heal the soul.

“Samaria” is my favorite track on the album. This magnificent piece begins with an ethereal but earthy sound experience as a transporting, melancholy, duduk-led melody challenges our emotions and speaks to our innermost passions.

We arrive at our final destination with “Divine Embrace”. Reconciling with the past present and future. Discovering the truth of our existence, embracing the Divine and finding true peace.

A musical masterpiece for the inquisitive and adventurous imagination…

~Lissette Cascante for Aural Awakenings

To get this album please visit Kelly Andrew's website. His music is also available through Amazon, iTunes and more.